Our Approach to Equity

At Criterion Search, the heart of our work is rooted in the belief that we are in the business of transforming organizations. Understanding your organizational context and finding the right fit is not just about process; it is an art form. We seek to understand what equity means in your organization and allow that to inform the process for the best possible outcome. We seek to understand the future state of your organization and work to find the intangibles that will result in finding a star, not just a “good fit.” Most importantly, we believe that every organization deserves the expertise and attention of our President and Founder, Beth Hare. It is her talent and accumulated knowledge that enables every search to be highly tailored to the needs and desires of your organization.

“In a perfect world, everyone would operate from a level playing field and people who are talented would get the right opportunities. In our work, I make sure that we welcome people from all walks of life and create innovative opportunities for organizations looking to embrace and reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion in their senior level staff.” – Beth Hare, President and Founder

Engagement in Diverse Networks:

Criterion’s commitment is to deliver a slate of candidates made up of a diverse group of highly qualified individuals (possibly including an “out-of-the-box candidate”) who all bring different strengths. We are experienced in vetting “internal” candidates with sensitivity and respect.  The pool from which we draw these candidates is fed by many sources:

  • Our proprietary data base of candidates built over our 25 years of executive search practice.
  • The deep, broad personal and professional networks of our consultants.
  • Prior, similar leadership search assignments.
  • Professional associations and affinity groups focused on diversity.
  • Relevant thought leaders and influencers from all ethnic and racial communities.

The success of this approach is reflected in the statistics below.

Diversity Statistics




People of Color

Included in 

Candidate Slate


Included in

Candidate Slate

Placement People of

Color Candidate

Placement Women


2016 83% 100% 27% 54%
2017 71% 100% 25% 75%
2018 56% 100% 11% 66%
2019 67% 100% 25% 100%
2020 33% 100% 100% 100%
2021 38% 100% 25% 68%