A Note to Candidates

Criterion is engaged by organizations to assist in defining and filling their senior leadership positions. We do not help individuals to seek employment.

Descriptions of most of our current searches may be found on this site. Please read the descriptions carefully and consult the organization’s website before submitting material.

If you are interested in applying for any of our listed positions, you may do so via the “Apply” button on the Open Searches page. Please include a short note and attach your resume and a brief cover letter which explains why you are interested in the role and what skills and experience you would bring to the opportunity. You may also submit this material to administrator@criterionsg.com. Please ensure that your resume is absolutely truthful and that your submission is free of spelling and grammatical errors. We encourage you to be mindful of any information about you that can be easily accessed via the internet or social media. You should assume that our clients will research this if and when they are seriously considering your candidacy.

Note that the listed searches are all at different stages. In some instances, your application may be submitted too late for consideration. In other cases, the search may be in its early phase before screening of candidates has begun.

We will follow up with you if we need more information. Please be patient, however. The search process often stretches over several months and it may be a number of weeks before we are able to respond.