Job Posting

The Welcoming Center, President & CEO

Location: Philadelphia, PA

The Organization

The Welcoming Center (TWC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia that promotes inclusive economic growth through immigrant integration.  To date, TWC has served over 17,000 people from over 150 countries around the world. The Center expects the demand for its services to increase, creating challenges and opportunities over the next several years.

TWC was founded in 2003 by Anne O’Callaghan, an inspirational leader who faced major professional obstacles after she relocated from Ireland to the Philadelphia area.  Its purpose was to provide a centralized resource center for immigrants where they could easily access information about ESOL, jobs and establishing small businesses as they started their new lives in the Philadelphia region.

Today, TWC works to open doors of economic opportunity for immigrants of all education and skill levels while building their individual and collective agency to address barriers to integration and wellbeing.

TWC collaborates with its participants, a broad spectrum of organizations, and public and private sector institutions to advance learning, shape policy, and grow the economy.

With the announcement of the current long time President & CEO’s departure in June, The Welcoming Center seeks to hire its third leader.

Position Overview

The President & CEO, with governance from the Board of Directors and input from staff and the Participant Advisory Council (PAC), determines and ensures the execution of the overall organizational vision, strategic direction, operating and fiscal policies to ensure successful fulfillment of TWC’s mission.  The new leader will build capacity to deliver on this mission, expand the impact of TWC, and evolve a culture of continuous improvement in the organization.  TWC’s impact will increase by improving access to services with an expanded emphasis on low to moderate income adult immigrants with English proficiency and limited social capital in the U.S.

Success will be achieved by strengthening and cultivating strong relationships with a diverse array of stakeholders, including staff, alumni, local, state, and federal government partners, a wide array of funders including foundations, individual donors, community and faith-based organizations, attorneys, vendors, financial services, lenders, investors, volunteers, and others.

The new CEO will be guided by the Board-approved Strategic Plan Framework – a blueprint for organizational success newly developed by Welcoming Center Board Members, staff and participants.  Implementation of the blueprint will result in a continuously developing team of talent; a culture of cohesion, equity, and collaboration; enhanced brand visibility; logistical excellence; and financial sustainability. The President & CEO will oversee a combined annual budget of approximately $2.3M and 17 staff members with responsibility for strategy and growth, fund development, operations, financial integrity, and sustainability. An overarching responsibility will be implementing TWC’s strategic vision while establishing best practices to fulfill TWC’s mission to provide immigrant integration to an ever-expanding group.

Position Responsibilities

Strategic Leadership

  • Together with the Board of Directors, senior team and PAC, oversee and implement the new Strategic Plan.
  • Create and deliver expanded programs while maintaining financial sustainability.
  • Actively embrace best/evidence-based practices while developing an inclusive culture.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field of immigrant integration, economic development, and nonprofit management.

Fiscal/Fiduciary Management/Operations

  • Work closely with the Board and senior team in setting and achieving multi-year strategic financial plan targets.
  • In conjunction with the COO and Chair of the Finance Committee, ensure full financial transparency by providing regular communication regarding strategic financial plans, budgets, and financial performance to the Board.
  • Ensure full compliance and financial stability through sound fiduciary stewardship.
  • Coordinate and oversee activities with professional advisors, including legal counsel, auditors, accountants, etc.

Resource Development

  • Lead and work closely with the development team and all program areas to continually identify, diversify, and increase funding from city, state, and federal funding streams, foundations, corporate partners and individual donors.
  • Serve as the public face of the organization, carrying the message of TWC to various funding communities.
  • Bring together Board members, Business Leaders, and Funders to increase financial support for TWC.

 Board Governance

  • Keep members of the Board apprised of relevant topics affecting the organization; educate and collaborate continually.
  • Assist the Board in identifying and attracting new Board members.
  • Work closely with the Board Chair to provide a stimulating, meaningful experience for all Board members.

External Relations/Communications

  • Act as primary point person for information and insight on local and national policies as they relate to TWC’s mission.
  • Serve as spokesperson and liaison representing and promoting TWC’s mission and work to the broader community.
  • Serve as a thought leader and champion on topics related to immigrant integration.
  • Continually identify, build, nurture, and promote new opportunistic communication ideas and partnerships.

Human Resources

  • Ensure the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is clear and evident in all operations of TWC.
  • Promote the development of an effective talent acquisition and retention strategy supporting the professional growth of employees and establishing TWC as a ‘best place to work’ in the Philadelphia region.
  • Motivate the senior team and staff through clear articulation of objectively attainable goals that challenge and engage them as individuals and as a team.
  • Provide leadership, direction, and meaningful and timely communication to all staff and volunteers.
  • Perform annual evaluation of senior team to assess performance and ensure appropriate alignment with TWC’s strategic and operational goals.

Critical Skills/Qualifications

  • Passion for TWC’s mission.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and interest in the issues, trends, opportunities, and challenges facing the immigrant integration, economic development, and nonprofit management.
  • Proven fundraiser, comfortable building relationships and asking for financial support from a variety of sources.
  • Ability to build, proactively nurture, and maintain networks of credible contacts and relationships.
  • Proven ability to “knit together” cross functional teams.
  • Demonstrated ability to energize and mobilize stakeholders to create and implement a financially sustainable best practices model to advance the organization’s mission.
  • Innovative leadership experience in a corporate setting and/or in a non-profit environment.
  • Experience working with a Board of Directors. Strong skills in corporate governance.
  • Ability to stay focused on mission.
  • Ability to understand and work with diverse constituencies and multiple viewpoints.
  • An engaging, inspiring, humble leader. Possesses high emotional intelligence, curiosity, and exceptional communication skills.
  • Collaborative, creative style with strong business acumen.
  • Technology and analytics enthusiast.
  • Empathetic and focused problem-solver with a sense of humor.


The Welcoming Center values diversity, equity and inclusion and is committed to equal opportunity for all persons regardless of age, color, disability, ethnicity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other status protected by law.