Job Posting

Vice President for Grantmaking, Connelly Foundation

March 28, 2018
Location: Philadelphia, PA

The Organization 

The Connelly Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the Philadelphia area, with
a focus on education and Catholic activities. Since its founding in 1955, the Connelly Foundation
has been a responsive and proactive grantmaking organization awarding grants to nonprofits in
the Philadelphia region that demonstrate outstanding performance in meeting community
Staying true to the vision and foresight of its founders, John and Josephine Connelly, the
Foundation is deeply involved with education, and has continued to embrace their philosophy
of identifying individuals and groups whose leadership can bring positive change,
then supporting their ability to serve those around them. Creative new ideas are continuously
generated toward programs that would bolster and complement the quality of Catholic
education in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia as well as supporting new organizations that
respect human dignity and provide opportunity.

Position Overview
The Connelly Foundation is seeking an experienced individual to oversee the policies, process,
and procedures of grantmaking for the Foundation to help it achieve its mission. Reporting to
the President and serving as a member of the senior management team, the Vice President for
Grantmaking will be responsible for program planning, grants management, and development
and implementation of grantmaking strategies for the foundation. He/she will manage a team
that supports programs and grantees and will support collaboration across all grantmaking
areas, including responsive grantmaking, internal programs, grant administration, scholarship
program, etc. The position calls for a versatile, hands-on professional with a broad base of
knowledge, and a sophisticated understanding of grantmaking programs.

Position Responsibilities
• Represent the Foundation by effectively communicating the organization’s mission,
vision, grantmaking process, and program priorities to nonprofit partners and the public at
• Create and maintain working relationships with nonprofit organizations, foundations,
and community leaders throughout the Philadelphia region to understand and articulate
evolving needs in the city and region.
• Work closely with the President and the Board to maintain clear lines of communication
and provide well-defined opportunities for Board engagement.
• Provide overall direction to grantmaking initiatives/strategy. Develop and implement
grantmaking policies and procedures in conjunction with the Foundation Board, as
• Represent the Foundation in local, regional and national philanthropic circles, and bring
the best ideas and practices for building effective responses to community needs.
• Serve as point of contact for inquiries about grant eligibility and the grant process.
• Manage Program Officers and grants administration staff.
• Retain a highly-qualified and motivated professional staff; delegate specific
responsibilities and establish accountability; foster open communications.
• With program staff, evaluate grant applications and conduct due diligence, including
interviews, site visits, and review of budgets and financial information. Prepare
summaries and make recommendations to the Board concerning board-level grant
• Process grant applications and assign requests to program officers, create
correspondence to grant applicants and grantees as necessary, prepare reports, craft
and monitor grant agreements, and participate in the review of grant applications.
• Monitor grantee performance by reviewing and summarizing grantee reports,
maintaining positive relationships with grantees, following up with grantees as needed
to obtain necessary information, providing technical assistance, and engaging in
problem-solving. Work with grantees to ensure compliance with grant agreements and
successful program implementation.
• Communicate with nonprofit agencies, public and private funders and the public about
the Foundation’s grantmaking priorities, guidelines, and proposal review process.
• Stay on top of current and emerging trends in grantmaking process and procedures,
including technology.
• Support the development of the annual grantmaking and department budget and
monitor spending.
• Produce regular and ad hoc grant making reports and perform data analysis as needed.

Professional Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree is required, advanced degree is preferred.
• Commitment to the Foundation’s mission is essential.
• Demonstrated experience with a grantmaking foundation and/or broad experience
leading a well-respected nonprofit.
• Ability to accurately assess nonprofit leadership, operational, and financial capacity and
perform other due diligence.
• Strong financial and organizational management experience; knowledge of rules,
regulations, and standards for foundations.
• Experienced with developing and implementing strategy – a strategic thinker, planner
and executor with an operating style that encourages teamwork.
• Superior verbal and writing communication skills to express the Foundation’s mission
and vision with clarity, passion, and persuasion.
• Passion for and commitment to achieving excellence in all aspects of the Foundation’s
• Self-motivated with a strong work ethic, exceptional personal integrity, and
commitment to results.
• Team-oriented, collegial, collaborative.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and a pervasive sense of humor.
• Familiarity with Gifts Management Software is desired.