Job Posting

Environmental Sustainability Program Officer, Spring Point Partners

March 06, 2018

Spring Point Partners is seeking an experienced professional to work with the Environmental Sustainability Director to develop and manage a portfolio of grants and consultant relationships for the Environmental Sustainability Program. Spring Point Partners is a social impact venture that blends grantmaking, impact investing and direct project operations to meet both social and financial outcomes in four areas: 1) positive youth development, 2) learning innovations, 3) animal welfare, and 4) environmental sustainability. Spring Point Partners is led by members of the Philadelphia-based Berwind family and builds on long-held Berwind family values that take a systematic approach to investing, a long-term perspective, and clear expectations regarding outcomes.

Environmental Sustainability at Spring Point Partners

Spring Point Partners has committed to advancing environmental sustainability solutions, and has chosen water as the place to start. Water is a critical issue for public health, food security, the environment and the economy. In addition, water is the most visible delivery mechanism of climate change. With the floods in Houston, Superstorm Sandy, the drought (and then flooding) in California, and numerous toxic algae bloom issues across the country, the public’s awareness of the importance of smart water management has been heightened. The water quality crisis in Flint has also exposed the risks that our aging water infrastructure has placed on the country, and especially on poorer communities. Spring Point Partners seeks to help drive sustainable solutions to this growing water challenge.

Program Officer Responsibilities

The Environmental Sustainability Program Officer will work closely with the Environmental Sustainability Director, other Spring Point Partners staff, the family and other advisors to develop and implement a grant making strategy to advance water sustainability. The Program Officer will report to the Environmental Sustainability Director.

The responsibilities of the Program Officer are as follows:

  • Work with Environmental Sustainability Director to develop a strategy of grants and partnerships to advance our thinking in environmental sustainability.
  • Work with Environmental Sustainability Director to provide quality underwriting of potential grantees in order to secure the best possibilities for long-term success.
  • Work with Environmental Sustainability Director, grantees and partners to ensure the maximum value from our initiatives through appropriate outcome accountability.
  • Closely coordinate environmental strategies and grantmaking with impact investing strategies and investments to advance the goals of the environmental sustainability program.
  • Manage relevant consultants to assist with environmental initiatives.
  • Extract knowledge from grants and partnerships to assist family members and other Spring Point Partners staff with their on-going knowledge development.
  • Provide public representation of Spring Point Partners in forums related to the environment.
  • Stay current on key issues in the relevant subject areas.

Key Qualifications

  • A minimum of five years of professional experience in areas related to environmental issues.
  • Domain expertise in environmental policy, environmental science, or a closely related field, with a strong preference for water sustainability expertise.
  • Experience with philanthropy or family offices is desired but not essential.
  • A commitment to social outcomes in line with Berwind family members and Spring Point Partners staff.
  • Comfort with the start-up culture of Spring Point Partners.
  • Experience with developing and implementing strategies, including the development and tracking of work plans and project outcomes.
  • Strong analytical skills, including familiarity with program design and budgeting.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • The highest professional and ethical standards.
  • A balance of personal confidence and humility, in keeping with the values of the family.