Job Posting

Director – Environmental Sustainability, Spring Point Partners

April 25, 2017
Location: Philladelphia, PA

The Organization

Spring Point Partners is an initiative of the Berwind family that provides grants and impact investments to meet both social and financial outcomes. Spring Point Partners builds on long-held Berwind family values that take a systematic approach to investing, a long-term perspective, and clear expectations regarding outcomes.

Spring Point represents a way for the next generation of the family to build a legacy that reflects both social and economic returns. The initiative supports four areas where there is existing philanthropic and impact investment support by family members: 1) youth resiliency, 2) learning innovations, 3) animal welfare, and 4) environmental sustainability. Spring Point also wants to identify areas of intersection among those four domains.

 Environmental Sustainability at Spring Point Partners

The threat of climate change motivates Spring Point to focus on alternative energy sources, the challenges of sustainable food systems, and the myriad issues related to water conservation. Spring Point supports change at multiple levels: from public policy to investment portfolios.

Spring Point Partners is at the early stage of creating a grant and investment portfolio that reflects our environmental values. They are beginning the journey with an emphasis on water: clean water for consumption and accessible water for everyone. Water security and accessibility will play an enormous role in shaping the 21st century in everything from health to foreign policy. It will be a major arbiter of global equality and social stability.

There are exciting technologies and systems changes emerging today to address water issues: innovations in water treatment and purification, managed drip systems that enable agricultural efficiency, better land management strategies to preserve water sheds, appropriate technologies that create more access, and other changes in public infrastructure financing and development.  Spring Point strives to be part of these solutions.

 Position Overview

Spring Point Partners is seeking an experienced professional to develop and manage a portfolio of grants and consultant relationships for our sustainable environment program.

The Director of Environmental Sustainability will work closely the family, their advisors and other Spring Point Partners staff.  S/he also has an opportunity to work with Spring Point’s investment committee and impact investment staff around relevant investments.

The Director of Environmental Sustainability will report to the Head of the Berwind Office of the Trustees.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Develop a strategy of grants and partnerships to advance Spring Point Partners thinking in environmental sustainability.
  • Provide quality underwriting of potential grantees in order to secure the best possibilities for long-term success.
  • Work with grantees and partners to ensure the maximum value from Spring Point Partners initiatives through appropriate outcome accountability.
  • Extract knowledge from grants and partnerships to assist family members and other Spring Point Partners staff with their on-going development.
  • Provide public representation of Spring Point Partners in forums related to the environment.
  • Stay current on key issues in the relevant subject areas.
  • Hire relevant consultants to assist with environmental initiatives and manage those contracts as appropriate.

Key Qualifications

  • Minimum of 10 years of professional experience in areas related to environmental issues and an advanced degree that demonstrates analytical capacity.
  • Background in environmental policy, environmental science, or a closely related field is required.
  • Background in philanthropy, family offices, or impact investing is desired.
  • Must will fit into the start-up culture of Spring Point Partners and possess the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Commitment to social outcomes in line with Spring Point Partners.
  • Experience with the principals of developing strategy including the capacity to establish outcomes.
  • Strong analytical skills including familiarity with program design and budgeting.
  • Proven track record of having managed staff and consultant relationships.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including the ability to create work plans.
  • Domain expertise in one or more areas related to environmental sustainability.
  • The right person will possess a balance of personal confidence and humility, in keeping with the values of the family.
  • Familiarity with either private family foundations or family offices.